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Founded over 100 years ago and entirely British owned, we offer a complete design, manufacture and support solution for today’s demanding hydraulic cylinders, servo cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and systems technology applications.

Helipebs is proud of its reputation as an expert, reliable solutions provider. Fully certified to the latest 2015 ISO quality and environmental standards, Helipebs has invested strongly in the latest design software and manufacturing equipment to ensure cutting edge technology products of the highest quality delivered on time, every time.

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It is with great pleasure we are writing to inform you that National Oilwell Varco UK Ltd are very pleased with the service Helipebs Controls has provided us in the last 6 months with regards to your on time delivery. With 100 % on-time delivery, which is excellent, this helps us work towards our 95% on-time delivery target.

National Oilwell Varco - Senior Buyer

“If anyone came to me to ask me to recommend a cylinder supplier, I would always recommend Helipebs. The quality is excellent, they are always helpful and I know they are just a phone call away”.

U Ltd - Engineering

“Helipebs are one of the easiest suppliers I have; I can place the order and forget about it until it arrives on time. It’s a given that you get every cylinder order I can place with you.”​

G Ltd - Commodity buyer

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Why a Slipper Seal Piston?

For years there has been a demand for a hydraulic cylinder piston that exhibited the long life of cast iron rings, the leak tight sealing of cup seals, and the low friction of Teflon. A piston that would tolerate considerable side loading without galling or scoring the tube; that would permit easy, but infrequent, maintenance, and would be economically feasible. A near perfect piston for virtually any application. The Slipper Seal Piston on our Hydraulic Cylinders, as standard on the EH Series, meets these requirements to a degree that is astounding ... and at no extra cost! Download our EH Series of Hydraluic Cylinders Catalogue for more information

Hydraulic Cylinders with near zero leakage

A completely honest statement of facts causes us to use this term. We know of no dynamic seal that is completely leak tight under ALL operating conditions, but for all practical purposes, the slipper seal is leak tight. Since the higher the pressure, the better the seal, we conducted some of our Slipper Seal tests under low pressures to simulate the worst operating conditions. A good example was the testing of a 152 bore cylinder with trapped pressure of only 1.2 bar. The leakage past the piston permitted average movement of 0.25 mm per 24 hours. That represents an average piston leakage of 2.60 cu. mm per min. This test was conducted over 13 days. Other tests with pressures ranging from 35 to 500 bar showed no leakage whatever.

Long Life – Low Friction

The two are closely related. Friction causes wear which determines life. We cannot state how long a Slipper Seal will last because the life of a dynamic seal depends on too many operational and environmental conditions. We can state, however, that both laboratory and field test have demonstrated a longevity that far exceeds any seal we have tested or used with the possible exception of metallic rings. Although this amazing new type of piston has been introduced as a special option by our competitors, we have been using the Slipper Seal piston for over twenty years on standard cylinders.

No Metal-To-Metal Contact

The use of the Slipper Seal and the bronze filled Teflon bearing strip eliminates metal-to-metal contact between the piston and the tube. This feature alone will resolve many problems experienced by cylinder users .

Results? At no additional cost, you can obtain a cylinder that will give you outstanding service on all normal applications as well as holding or locking circuits, servo circuits, modulating operations, side loaded conditions, rapid cycling operations, and most other problem applications.